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Kaley Chandler USC Screenwriter Writer Kaley Chandler

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We would like to laud Bradford Christian Academy and the staff and students for bringing the story of the White Rose movement to a greater audience. I was involved last year in bringing a traveling exhibit about The White Rose to various schools and colleges around New England, and we found that the story resonated with so many people – especially young people of today. We realized that this story was relatively unknown to the American public, so you are doing a great service in presenting this story of courage in facing the totalitarian regime of the Nazi era.

Germany is committed to a culture of remembrance, and honesty is essential for true and lasting remembrance. Germans, perhaps more than anyone, must remember the past and speak frankly about the political and moral failures that led to the Shoah and to the tragic ends of the young people involved in the White Rose. Germany has a responsibility, and one that it takes very seriously, to incorporate lessons of the past into the future. We talk about “Zivilcourage” – the civil courage to stand up against anti-Semitism, extremism and xenophobia which are each an attack on democracy and on the diversity of our society.

Elizabeth von Wagner

Cultural and Press Affairs

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Three Copley Place, Suite 500

Boston, MA 02116


I wanted to write and congratulate you and your students for the truly exceptional performance (and production, and writing) of The White Rose that Larry and Sherry and I were privileged to see today. Your students’ diligent research, creativity, empathy, energy and skill were on full display. I was deeply moved. Seeing this play and knowing that they created it helps me trust in a better future, despite the ashes of the past. 


Please share with them how impressive and inspiring their work was to us in the audience. Best of luck in the competition and I hope that the rumors are true and that you bring this production back to 514 Main St. for both our communities to see and appreciate!


With gratitude for the work you both do and the people whom your teaching helps to become their fullest selves,


Cantor Vera Broekhuysen

P.s. On my way out of the building I heard a very excited teen saying to her companions, “I feel SO sorry for the group that’s about to go on, because they missed seeing this play, and it was just…such an AMAZING….” Words appeared to fail her. I couldn’t agree more.


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